Untitled, Easter โ€˜19

by Rory Strong and the Standard Candles

supported by
Patrick MacBrayne
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Patrick MacBrayne I was there!! Favorite track: Shelley Duvall.
Aidan Mitchell
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Aidan Mitchell being there to hear these songs was incredible & listening to them now is just as fun :+) Favorite track: Wet Dog.
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Rory Strong wrote these songs.
Simi Kunin shreds lead guitar.
Quinn Farwell hits drums like an animal.
Carver Arena plays bass with their stubby little mayonnaise fingers.

Most to all of Rory's other music is here. ( roryory.net )
Simi and Quinn are in a band called Amiright? as well (amiright.bandcamp.com)
Carver is in a band called Bellfist (bellfist.bandcamp.com)

Simi's solo stuff is here. (whitedovestudy.bandcamp.com)
Quinn's solo stuff is here. (deliverydriver666.bandcamp.com)
Carver's solo stuff is here. (festiva.bandcamp.com)

The album art is a Simi original.

**If you can't afford the album shoot us an email!**

Thanks to:

- Joni Elfers; For being an absolutely brilliant friend and companion, and agreeing to come on an insane weekend tour of New England, including a run in with Organized Crime in Woonsocket, RI to eating cheese fries on the steps of the courthouse while a drunk man screamed about his facial hair to squatting in a biodiesel refining plant to capture this, you are a trooper and a beautiful mind and a golden touch on our songs.

- Jarmin & Jordan; for hosting us and making it all happen. Yr cool and yr kids are cool and we love you both. Enjoy the shirts.

- Noraa; for putting the show in Providence together and leaving us plenty of time to make all come together, yr great and we appreciate all you do.

- Pat Malone; for you know what ;)

- J.M. T. for the wheels.

- Joni again for the gear.

- Bustdown for the gear in RI (thx Kieran)

- Haven Brother's Diner (Prov., RI) for the flat-out wildest eating experience we've ever had.

It is risen.
Easter is here.
We love you all.



released April 21, 2019


all rights reserved



Rory Strong and the Standard Candles Portland, Maine

๐•ฝ๐–”๐–—๐–ž - ๐•ฝ.๐•ฒ๐–š๐–Ž๐–™/๐–๐–”๐–
๐•พ๐–Ž๐–’๐–Ž - ๐•ท.๐•ฒ๐–š๐–Ž๐–™
๐•ฎ๐–†๐–—๐–›๐–Š๐–— - ๐•ญ๐–†๐–˜๐–˜
๐•ผ๐–š๐–Ž๐–“๐–“ - ๐•ฏ๐–—๐–š๐–’๐–˜

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Track Name: Julie's New Windowpane
Julieโ€™s got a brand new window pane
Hanging out with me at the end of the lane
And I got a brand new set of strings
A couple new songs Iโ€™ve been trying to sing
And she says, โ€œCould you sing that song for me?
The only someone else wrote โ€˜If It Makes You Happy?โ€™โ€
She says, โ€œBut if youโ€™re too tired then it ainโ€™t no thing.โ€
She says, โ€œIt ainโ€™t no thing at all.โ€

And all my friends were talking about places they were staying
And I was in the kitchen when the band had started playing
I maybe shouldโ€™ve listened to all that you were saying when you said it

Maybe nobody means to be a heavier stone
We just get all caught up in these weights of our own
And if Iโ€™d spent last time digging up crushed bones
Maybe I could belay it

But still you said, โ€œHey girlfriend, put your dancing boots on
Weโ€™ve got another five minutes before they shut it down
And if you ask the band real nice if they know our song maybe they could play it.โ€
Thatโ€™s when the band started playing

Alright so Jimโ€™s got the same bad habits as me
Thatโ€™s how we all ended up here on Christmas Eve
He even introduces me to his family
And his kid says sheโ€™s gonna give a gift to me
So she gives me this crystal hanging from a string
To be honest I donโ€™t really believe in that sort of thing
But Iโ€™m never as right as Iโ€™d like to be
No, sometimes Iโ€™m not write at all

So when she took that necklace and she placed it โ€˜round my collar
It was all that I could do not to lose my shit and holler
When really I know I should just say โ€œHey thanks for the offerโ€
I still have that necklace somewhere

Thatโ€™s when you said โ€œHey girlfriend, donโ€™t you know youโ€™re not special
At least no more and no less than anyone else is anyone else is special
So stop trying to make yourself some kind of exception and maybe start living your life for once.โ€

So I went to to the gazebo for the last time that night
And I stayed up way too late and I almost missed my flight
Itโ€™s Nick says, โ€œDonโ€™t you know you can be just as strange as you like
But donโ€™t be a stranger.โ€
No, I donโ€™t want to be a stranger.
Track Name: You
I want the roads to rise to meet You
I want You to scrape death off your boots
I wanna love You in September
and call it an Autumn truth
and I do not like Your step father of the way that he talks to You
and when I think of You yeah when I close my eyes
You are wearing something blue

because You-o-o-o-o-o know what I are
yeah You-o-o-o-o-o know what I are

and I am sorry about your brother but I am happy you were brave
and I promise I am trying not to be another person you have to save
and I will sing your praises for all that art you made
and I am trying really hard to see you today

because You-o-o-o-o-o know what I are
yeah You-o-o-o-o-o know what I are

and I have dreams of falling asleep in Your car
if only things could stay the way they are
Track Name: Garden Growing
So many things to do when I woke up today that I went back to bed. And so many things I still want to change but I got high instead.

And I was born in a hospital but I was baptized by the sea
And I have seen the things that are destroying you
And I'm gonna try not to let them destroy me.

Because I once was broken but now I am whole
And the universe, well, it's forgiven me for all those things I stole
And there's a garden growing when all of my blessings get old.

The wild is my religion and this garden is my practice
So many things I have yet to learn and so many things I have yet to give.
But they'll still find my cell phone snapped into two pieces too late Sitting softly in the sand at the bottom of my beloved Long Lake.


And there's this girl I love, she knows what I've done but she lets me sleep in her bed.
She gives me the peace I could never find in any of those books I read.
And I could walk backwards from Jerusalem and still not know where I've been
Or go back to the time before I lost my mind and realized I'm okay with it.

Track Name: Shelley Duvall
Phone call from the gas station
Got my car turned around in a government office
Follow the headlights, missed my exit, I missed the next one
I wasnโ€™t paying much attention, Iโ€™ll just be honest

I drove my car at a wall
You return my call
I was screaming bloody murder just like Shelley Duvall
Wondering if the time was right

I had a box of our stuff
Packed in the trunk
Not much, just some shoes and a picture of us
Donโ€™t know what Iโ€™d say if anyone should stop by

Itโ€™s a drive Iโ€™ve made 1000000 times before
Itโ€™s a drive I might never make again
And all the signs bleed into the colors of the forest
And the lines on the highway begin to bend

Itโ€™s getting late yeah itโ€™s a quarter past two
I start think maybe I bit off more than I can chew
Still I never meant to disrespect you

Itโ€™s Halloween so if I get home by three
Iโ€™ll be walking around town just like Jamie Lee
Wondering where my friends have gone

And itโ€™s true thereโ€™s been some sideways rain here
Itโ€™s true that thereโ€™s been some ringing in my ears
Itโ€™s true thereโ€™s been monsters standing way too near

Still itโ€™s the end of the line itโ€™s the end of my turn
Iโ€™m gonna make it out of here just like Marilyn Burns
with the blood dripping down my face

Because if thatโ€™s what it takes then thatโ€™s what it takes
I put the car into gear and I ease off the brakes
If thatโ€™s what it takes thatโ€™s what it takes.
Track Name: Wet Dog
wet dog
wet wet river
its sure been a long long winter
its sure been a long year

so meet me at the avenue
You'll walk with me, I'll walk with you
who is the third that walks with you?
that shines like a wide open sky.
like a wide open sky

wet dog
wet wet river
I know I'll always be a sinner
I know that I am what I am

so if you see old Mister Wallace
sayin' you're so great, and you're so boss
get yourself down off that cross, my eyes
you can't look me in the eyes
you can't look me in the eyes

wet dog
wet wet river
you can't make me eat my dinner
you can't make me do anything

so if you see my friend theophilus
heard he came right back, he's a bit pissed of
we got that portrait of him all wrong, not right
we did our best at the time
it was our best at the time

I was a sailor
and you were my captain
and you went down with the ship

and I am a failure
yeah I'm a proud failure
proud to fail at everything
Track Name: Down The Canal
Pretty Ty, he says to me
that down here in DC
we only smoke these
it was PCP
but he did not tell me
i got lost on Potomac St.
in what he said to me

i'm going down
i'm going down
i'm going down down down to the canal.

so you can stop and stare
i don't really care
i'm not really there
just some bones in some clothes i wear
so when you stop and stare
i would shoot Voltaire
if i even cared

i'm going down
i'm going down
i'm going down down down to the canal.

what was that thing
what was that thing
that we used to have?

if i could remember
i'm singin', if only i could remember
i think i could get it back.

but i'm going down.
i'm going down.
i'm going down down to the canal.
Track Name: Steamroller
Steamroller steamroller
Track Name: And This Whole Time I Thought We Were Talking In Hypotheticals
and i stood out on your front porch tonight
the clouds were purple and gray in the moonlight
and i talked out loud like you were still around
and here is what i had to say:

"i hope i'm doing this right.
i want to live an honest life
I want to take your advice
I to try and live a good life

but between an honest life
and what I am
there is a sea

and Lily waved on her way to the hospital
I think she died later that night
so I will sing this loud
cause you are no longer around
to hear that which I have say

"i hope i'm doing this right.
i want to live an honest life
I want to take your advice
I wan to do my family right

but between an honest life
and what I am
there is a sea
Track Name: Drugstore Cowboy
You showed up w a gun
To pick up your prescription
And you hand that note to the cashier
you turn to run
Push past those policemen
Get to the car, get to the highway to disappear

If the exit 20 loop doesnโ€™t kill you maybe youโ€™ll spiral forever to hell
And wake up in a hospital
wake up in a holding cell
Cause Godโ€™s flashlight beam could never reach that far down this well
And I really do not want to go back out there.

I wanted to be a good thief
But I was on the wrong side
And I wanted to be a good wife
But I guess my body just was not built right

So if dextroamphetamine doesnโ€™t kill me I hope I spiral forever to hell
I want to wake up in a hospital
I want to wake up in a holding cell
Now I know Godโ€™s flashlight beam could never reach that far down this well
And I really do not want to go back out there
Track Name: Ambulance Poetry
last night's dinner is still sitting on the porch
and the people that I came with are all passed out on this floor
and everyone's a-running just to see what went down
and I'm homeward bound
I'm homeward bound
Yeah I'm homeward bound

and I have walked through every street
like chemotherapy running through your bones
yeah I have walked through every street
ambulance poetry, they're cutting through my clothes

and I went out walking just to see what I could find
they told me that hatred looks in all directions
but only my love was blind
and everyone's out shuffling, just to see what might be around

and I'm homeward bound
I'm homeward bound
Yeah I'm homeward bound

well Jonah came from the belly of the beast
said yeah we're gonna party when we get back east
yeah we started singing, started dancing
started drinking bottles of wine in the garden of eden
yeah thats how it was
yeah thats how it was

and I have walked through every street
like chemotherapy used to run in your bones
Track Name: Western Medicine
I know I left you for myself and western medicine
my God, where are you now?
I thought you left me for a stolen dose of klonopin but oh,
look where we are right now.

I left the wedding 'cause I was nervous about the party tricks
you know, the water to wine
and in the garden I fell asleep when you went off and wept
and I woke up later that night,

and you were gone
you were gone

do what you want but will you please excuse my reticence
I think we've been here once before
all by myself up in your house with walls of venison and I woke up
Like a whale beached on the shore

we got the news in hotel rooms across the continent
the message falls, the message falls in the night
will you wake me up will you wake me, wake me before they bury him
I need to say my goodbyes
my goodbyes, this is my goodbye

and now that you're gone, giving yourself out to the ages
what should we do?
you said hold on to the memory, bring it to the future
it is in you
it is in you
it is in you

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